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How to Choose Good Office Desks?

Selection and maintenance

Remind everyone that the position of the office desk should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent sunlight will cause the paint film of the furniture to fade, the metal fittings are easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and the wood is easy to become brittle. It is best to use curtains to protect the furniture in summer. Finally, it is necessary to maintain indoor humidity and do not let the furniture get damp. Use the humidifier in spring and autumn to limit the time to prevent damage to the furniture due to excessive humidity, such as wood decay, metal parts rust, and easy to open glue on the bonding part. Maintenance knowledge of various office furniture:
1. Maintenance of steel furniture
Solid and durable steel office furniture is the most common in the office, especially the ideal cabinet and other products, and it is an indispensable storage tool in the office. Steel office furniture is present on the exterior. The maintenance method can be wiped with a soft cloth, but avoid using rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine oil, decontamination oil) or wet cloth to wipe, which will cause scars and rust. The main reason.
2. Wood furniture maintenance
The biggest advantage of natural wood furniture products is the natural wood grain and the varied natural colors. Since natural wood is an organism that constantly breathes, it must be placed in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid placing beverages, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface. If it is made of Meina board, when there is a lot of dirt, you can use a diluted neutral detergent and warm water to wipe once, then wipe with clean water, remember to wipe off the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth, and wait for it to be completely wiped off After that, use the maintenance wax to polish it, and you're done. Only by paying attention to daily cleaning and maintenance can wood furniture last forever.
3. Maintenance of cloth furniture
The fabrics most commonly used in office chairs and sofas, their comfortable touch and rich colors make the expressions of traditional furniture more diverse. Common maintenance method: when it is stained with dry dirt such as dust, sand, etc., just lightly pat it off or vacuum it up. As for the granulated sand, you can use a brush to gently brush inward, but Do not use stiff brushes, so as not to damage the cloth surface. If it is stained with beverages or juices, you can first use a paper towel to absorb the water, then wipe with warm water to dissolve neutral detergent, then use a clean soft cloth to dry, and finally dry at low temperature.
4. Leather furniture maintenance
Leather has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and ventilation characteristics. In addition, the natural woven fabric of the leather is relatively non-directional. It shows even stretchability regardless of whether it is laid flat or hung. In addition, the dyeing of the leather is not easy to fade, and has an elegant color. , Excellent touch and beautiful appearance, so it has been deeply loved by consumers. How to maintain the attractive appearance of leather products? Daily cleanliness is the key. General maintenance only needs to use a clean and soft cloth to wipe gently. If you want to clean up the dirt caused by long-term use, Shenzhen Office Furniture Company tells everyone that the most ideal way is: First, please use a neutral detergent diluted with warm water (1% -3%) Wipe first, then wipe off the cleaning solution with wringed water, and finally polish with a dry cloth. After it is completely dry, use an appropriate amount of leather care agent to wipe evenly.


The office desks are divided into pure solid wood desks, solid wood desks and wood-based desks.
Pay attention to the following five aspects when purchasing:
1. Surface quality. When buying a desk, look for defects such as scratches, indentation, blistering, degumming, peeling, and glue marks on the surface of the furniture material. Pay attention to whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth.
2. Production quality. Whether the edge of the wooden furniture is flat and the angle is very accurate; the decorative parts of the edges and faces should be checked whether the decorative parts are evenly glued, whether the bonding is firm, and whether the trimming is smooth and smooth; the parts side panels, door panels, drawer panels, etc. Whether the end face of the visible parts such as the mouth is sealed; the assembly position depends on whether the grooves at the drilled hole are delicate and neat, and whether the connectors are firm after installation; whether the gap between the door and the drawer is too large, the general requirement is 1.5 Between mm~2.0mm, whether the door and drawer can be opened, pushed and pulled flexibly, etc.
3. The quality of metal parts and plastic parts. The quality of the metal parts also determines the internal quality of the furniture in the wooden furniture. The metal parts are required to be dexterous, smooth, and well-plated on the surface, free of rust, burrs, etc., and the precision of the mating parts is required to be high. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance and bright in color, and the force and elasticity of the parts in use should be strong and not too thin. The open-type connector requires flexible rotation and no frictional sound.
4. Main dimensions. The main dimensions (ie functional dimensions) of furniture are required by national standards. For example, the large wardrobe stipulates that the depth of the space in the wardrobe should be greater than or equal to 530mm, the distance between the upper edge of the clothes stick for hanging long clothes and the upper surface of the bottom plate should be greater than or equal to 1400mm, the height of table furniture is 680mm~760mm, and the middle drawer of the desk The middle clearance height from the lower edge to the ground height should be greater than or equal to 580mm, and the clearance height between bookcase layers should be greater than or equal to 230mm~310mm, etc. If the furniture is smaller than the specified size, it will cause a lot of inconvenience when used and affect the use.
5. Limits of harmful substances in wooden furniture. The harmful substances in furniture are mainly free formaldehyde released from wood-based panels and adhesives, and soluble lead, chromium, cadmium, and mercury in furniture paint films.


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